"A being is the rose, part of the mirable terrestrial evolution. Humans are sufficiently intelligent to understand it. Seller of roses, why do you sell them for money? Give up selling irrepeatable flowers. " Adaptation of an arab poem, VIIIth c.

"Un être est le rosier, partie de la mirable évolution terrestre. Les humains sont suffisamment intelligents pour le comprendre. Vendeur de roses, pourquoi les vends-tu pour argent? Rennonce à vendre des fleurs irrépétables. " Adaptation d'un poème arabe, VIIIe s.

Observations: Our Terra-Family-Planet needs respectful and free Pantheism, for global Protectivity before Productivity. Humans-Gods need to support sciarts for Peace, not war. Eucracy and Pandetoxification, not toxico-speculative systems and vote.

We have to stop wasteful games, advertising, rating etc. Let's protect Terra altogether! Since human systems are corrupted, it is to Humans to correct, themselves and those. Mobsters must become Terra guardians and honestly clean Society&Nature.

We should safeguard the Terraprotective Triad: Pantheism, Panarchy, Pangratuity. Pangratuity "coenzyme" (PGC) can feed the whole globe. Omni in globo terraprotectivi. / All together terraprotective. Terramunity (that is, Terra-community) united, for finite eternity!

"Books and opinions, no matter from whom they came, if they are in opposition to human rights, are nothing but dead letters."/"Livres et opinions, n'importe de qui ils viennent, s'ils sont en opposition aux droits humains, ne sont que lettres mortes." - Ernestine Rose


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